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What Is Pre Emergent Herbicide

March 12, 2024

Pre-emergent herbicides are used to control weeds during the weed seed germination process but do not prevent weed seed germination. These herbicides are only recommended for turfgrasses which have been established for at least a year.

The following information will give you more information on what pre-emergent herbicides are and why they are important. Timely applications can help keep lawns weed-free for more beautiful and healthy lawns and gardens.

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More About Pre-Emergent Herbicides

More About Pre-Emergent Herbicides GA

When applied in the early spring, these herbicides can provide control of summer annual weeds. When applied in the early fall, pre-emergent herbicides will control many winter annual weeds.

Herbicides are chemicals that kill weeds and other unwanted plants while protecting the surrounding vegetation.

If you are unsure when to apply pre-emergent herbicides or how pre-emergents work, all you have to do is call Pride In Turf to take care of it. Pride In Turf has expert staff who understand how and when weeds grow and have knowledge of preventing weed growth.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Pre-Emergent Weed Control GA

A pre-emergent herbicide keeps plant seeds from germinating, so it is important to apply a pre-emergent product to the lawn before the seasonal growth begins. A pre-emergent does not prevent weed seed germination but controls weeds during weed seed germination.

Effective Weed control requires persistence, and pre-emergent herbicides play a significant role in weed control strategies that work. Pre-emergents stop the seed's growth after germinating so that weeds will not establish in your yard.

Even though you may try very hard, it is impossible to get rid of weeds in your yard completely. Weed seeds can lay dormant for years, surviving almost anything thrown at them.

How Pre-Emergents Work

Pre-emergent herbicides work best when applied to the root zone. This is where most seeds germinate and are typically in the top two or three inches of soil. Once a seed germinates, the herbicide prevents it from developing roots.

When applied properly, pre-emergents create a barrier between the soil and the surface, which prevents weeds from breaking through and becoming established. Once weeds become established, they are more challenging to get rid of.

Pre-emergents are one of the best weed control strategies you can use for your lawn and garden, as preventing weeds before they start protects your plans and enhances the aesthetics of your lawn and garden.

To make sure your pre-emergent herbicide application is done properly and you are using the correct type and amount, contact Pride In Turf. Our expert staff will ensure your lawn has herbicide correctly applied for optimum results.

When to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

When to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide GA

If you already see weeds in your lawn, it is too late for pre-emergent herbicide treatment since this type of herbicide controls weeds during germination. Georgia has two seasons for annual weeds: cool season and warm season.

Cool Season Pre-Emergent

Cool season, or winter, weeds grow from late Fall to early Spring. Therefore, pre-emergent Fall applications should be applied as early as late August but before the end of September to control winter annual weeds in North Georgia.

Warm Season Pre-Emergent

Warm-season weeds can begin germinating when the soil temperatures have warmed to 55 degrees. In this case, a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent summer weeds should be applied in early spring or between late February and mid-March. Some, such as grassy weeds like crabgrass, may need treatment in late spring or early summer.

Types of Weeds Blocked by Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Types of Weeds Blocked by Pre-Emergent Herbicide GA

Pre-emergent weed control is beneficial for many problematic weeds in your lawn and garden. There are types of weeds that are more effectively controlled by pre-emergent herbicide application.

Many of these weeds will germinate in the spring, produce seed, and then die in the fall. Pre-emergent timing is important for the specific type of weeds being targeted.


Crabgrass is a common annual lawn weed in Georgia that germinates when soil temperatures reach around 55 degrees. These summer annuals flower in the spring, produce seed, then die in the fall.


This weed is similar to crabgrass in its appearance, but it is more problematic in high-traffic areas typically.


Dandelions are perennial; however, pre-emergents can be effective in preventing new germination of dandelions.


This is a broadleaf annual with a milky sap and is often found in drought-stressed lawns.

Other types of Weeds:

Other types of weeds that can be controlled by pre-emergents include Henbit, Purslane, Yellow nutsedge, barnyard grass, and Poa Annua or Annual Bluegrass. Winter annuals, such as annual bluegrass, germinate in fall, flower and produce seed quickly, then die in spring.

Types of Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Types of Pre-Emergent Herbicide GA

Pre-emergent herbicides come in both liquid and granular form. They also come in selective herbicides or non-selective herbicides.

Selective herbicides target only specific weeds, such as broadleaf weeds, but do not affect others or harm your lawn. It is important to use the right pre-emergent herbicide for the weeds in your yard. Non-selective herbicides will kill any plant they come in contact with.

No matter what type of herbicides you use, it is important to apply pre-emergent herbicides evenly over the target area.

Granular Pre-Emergent

This type of herbicide should be applied using a broadcast or drop spreader. Like all pre-emergents, granular herbicides should be applied evenly over the entire target area. If you are applying the pre-emergent herbicide yourself, make sure to use the correct amount.

Follow the directions closely for the application rate on the spreader (either manual push or hand-held) so that you do not over-apply. Over-application of granular pre-emergent herbicide is a common mistake, especially when the spreader is not calibrated or due to excessive overlap.

The best decision is to have Pride In Turf take care of this for you. We will be sure to use the best pre-emergent for your lawn and apply it with precision. Our team has expertise in getting just the right amount, with an even application, and has professional equipment for a great job.

Liquid Pre-Emergent

Liquid forms of pre-emergent are easily mixed; however, it is important to mix correctly and apply pre-emergent evenly. This should be done with a sprayer, such as a hand-held sprayer, a backpack sprayer, or a sprayer that attaches to your lawn mower.

Whether you are using granular pre-emergent or liquid pre-emergents, they both create a barrier that prevents sprouted weed seeds from developing.

Remember that when you apply pre-emergents, it is important that the pre-emergent remains intact over the top layer of soil to be effective, as this is the area where weed seeds germinate.

Also remember, that calling Pride In Turf to handle applying pre-emergent for you will make your life a lot easier. Pride In Turf will do a professional job applying pre-emergent herbicides that are needed for common lawn weeds and certain weeds specific to your lawn.

Tips for Pre-Emergent Application

  • Remember that timing is important when you apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This weed killer will be completely ineffective if applied too late.
  • Do not over-apply. Applying too much herbicide can harm the grass and other vegetation surrounding the weeds and can cause issues later.
  • If applying yourself, be sure to follow label instructions carefully when mixing and handling herbicides
  • Wear protective clothing to avoid skin contact and eye contact
  • Apply pre-emergents when your lawn is dry
  • It is easier if you mow your lawn first, as it will help the pre-emergents soak into the soil
  • Pre-emergent herbicide applications should be done on their own - not when applying fertilizer. Wait at least a week after the herbicide is applied before fertilizer application.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Care

Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Care GA

Pre-emergent weed control is an important part of lawn care if you want to reduce weeds in your lawn and garden. This prevents weed seeds and invasive grasses for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Pre-emergent weed control is designed to control existing weeds. The weed will only be killed when it begns to sprout from the seed and hits the herbicide barrier.

The right time to apply your pre-emergent herbicide varies, depending on the type of grass in your lawn. Some weeds emerge in the fall while others earlier in the year. Spring applications help prevent the growth of summer weeds, such as crabgrass, yellow foxtail and other weeds.

Whether you use liquid pre-emergents or granular pre-emergents, it is essential to apply before the seeds begin to germinate or produce young plants.

Pre-emergents are used only on established lawns as part of an annual effort to combat weeds and other plant pests.

Keeping your lawn as weed-free as possible by eliminating new weeds is one of the many facets of good lawn care.

Contact Pride In Turf for All Lawn Care

Contact Pride In Turf for All Lawn Care GA

Our team with Pride In Turf are lawn care professionals and will apply a pre-emergent that is exactly suited for your lawn. Our guys understand Georgia lawns, the climate, and the weeds in the area.

You may not know when to apply herbicide early, what type of weed killer you need, or how pre-emergents work. Our lawn care company will analyze your yard to determine exactly what is needed. We will apply the best pre-emergent herbicide for your lawn and at the perfect time.

We will ensure you can look forward to a green lush lawn, instead of watching weeds emerge all over your yard. Let us help you get rid of broadleaf weeds as well as winter annuals.

Pride In Turf guarantees our work, and we are not happy until our customers are 100% satisfied with the results of our work.

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