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Many homeowners who begin to see those ugly, brown spots on their lawns will attempt to treat them by themselves.  Often, those homeowners do not treat their lawns properly, so it does not go well. There are many different types of fungi that can restrict grass growth in your lawn, leading to brown or yellowish patches and allowing weeds to take root in your lawn.  Do not spend a lot of wasted time or money trying to treat this yourself, or perhaps cause more problems.  Contact Pride-In-Turf, to take care of the lawn fungus in your yard.  We have decades of experience in Atlanta lawn care and expert technicians who can determine exactly what your lawn needs.

We are your local experts at Pride-In-Turf and know how to treat this problem.  We also have access to the best fungicides that are not available to homeowners.  Our rates are very affordable, and we will customize a plan that is specific to your lawn needs and your budget.  You will get the results you want and be happy with the outcome – guaranteed!

Pride-In-Turf wants your lawn to be the green, lush lawn you desire – one that is fungus free.  We take pride in your turf and want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood.  Contact us today for a free quote.

Core Aeration

Georgia red clay and soil can make aeration a big job. We help keep your lawn from becoming too compacted. Giving your lawn the chance to receive nutrients.

Lawn Fertilization

Whether it is a liquid or a solid fertilizer, your lawn requires the proper nutrients to maintain health and the proper PH levels to your soil.


This is the process of seeding your existing lawn. We strengthen your lawn by adding additional growth in the seeding that matches your current lawn.

Fungicide Treatment

Our Pride In Turf treatments help reduce and often eliminate the existence of fungus in your lawn. Protecting against brown patch, large patch, and more.

Lawn Pest Control

There are many pests that can be detrimental to your lawn’s growth and overall health. Whether it’s ticks, grubs, or ants, we help keep those unwanted creatures out!

Weed Control

Our experienced Pride In Turf technicians will inspect your lawn and properly target our weed control services to address issues like crabgrass, or dandelions.

Fungicide Treatments for a Healthy Lawn

Lawn fungus with its big brown or yellowish spots is not what you want in your lawn.  Some fungi that cause this are more common with warm-season grasses, like Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Centipede, as seen in the metro-Atlanta area.  The fungus is most apparent during the spring and fall when the grasses enter or exit their winter dormancy.  Some of the most common signs that you may have a lawn fungal disease are large dead brown or yellow patches, and sometimes it manifests in rings of mushrooms, streaks in the lawn, or brownish blotches.

A lawn with a fungal disease can be tough to treat.  There are also many factors to consider if you are considering trying to tackle this problem on your own, such as:

  • Is the fungicide toxic to humans or pets
  • How the chemicals in the fungicide may affect plant health
  • How often should the fungicide be applied
  • Whether or not your lawn is fungicide resistant

Untreated lawns suffer from the habitation of other unwanted plants, weeds, and fungus.  Our technicians with Pride-In-Turf understand these diseases and have the expertise to treat your lawn properly and take care of the problem.  You can be assured that our treatments are safe for the environment and your lawn.  You will see the treatments begin to work within 24 hours, and your lawn will be rid of fungus within 4 weeks.

Call Pride-In-Turf for a free quote.  We will guarantee you the results you want to get rid of the fungus and obtain a beautiful, green lawn.

How It Works


Call Pride-In-Turf for Quote

Pride-In-Turf will analyze your lawn to determine the problem. We will give you an affordable quote and provide top-quality services.

We treat your Lawn

Our professional technicians will apply the appropriate fungicide to get rid of the fungus while protecting your lawn.

Watch the Changes in Your Lawn

You can enjoy watching the changes in your lawn, as the fungus starts to disappear. It will be gone within 4 weeks!
lawn care process

What Causes Lawn Fungus in the Metro-Atlanta area?

Lawn fungus is more common than you might think in the Atlanta area and is most often caused by improper lawn care.  Some of the most common causes of fungus are:

  • Mowing too low, neglecting to pick up clippings
  • Compacted soil by heavy traffic and red clay
  • Too much fertilizer or applying the wrong type
  • Over-watering or areas where water collects and stands
  • Extreme changes in temperature and humidity

Contact Pride-In-Turf for your lawn care needs.  We will eliminate the fungus and get you the beautiful, green lawn you want.

When To Apply Fungicide in Georgia?

Usually, you start to see signs of lawn fungus at the time when turfgrasses are either entering or exiting their period of winter dormancy.  For warm-season turfgrasses, this is fall and spring.  There are many different types of lawn fungus, so you need to call Pride-In-Turf to determine what you need and treat your lawn appropriately.  This should be done whenever you are seeing signs of brown or yellowish spots, thinning areas, brownish blotches, and other questionable areas in your lawn.  This is not what you want for your lawn.  If not treated, it can make room for unwanted weeds, pests, and diseases.  Our technicians with Pride-In-Turf will take care of this professionally and make sure your lawn problem is cured.  Then you can move on to getting the green, lush lawn that you want.

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Lawn Treatments Service Areas

Proudly serving the Atlanta metropolitan area with lawn treatment services through our experienced crews and customer service team. We service the following areas:
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How Do I Know if My Lawn has Fungal Disease?

Your lawn will start showing areas of thinning, brown spots, yellowish spots, or other questionable areas.  These areas can grow to be very large and do not make for a beautiful lawn.  Of course, you want your lawn to look green and beautiful; however, this is not the only reason you need to get this fungal disease treated.  Lawn fungal disease can cause other problems you do not want!  The best way to know exactly what is going on with your lawn, if it has a fungal disease, and what type of fungus it is – call Pride-In-Turf!  Our technicians with Pride-In-Turf will know exactly what your lawn needs and treat it properly.  It is not recommended that you try to figure this out yourself – call Pride-In-Turf to get our service guarantee.  We want your lawn to be as healthy and green as you do.

Why Choose Pride-In-Turf

Pride-In-Turf provides quality lawn services, and we guarantee our work. Since we take pride in YOUR lawn, we want to get the best results possible in your lawn. We have decades of experience and skilled technicians – we know what we are doing. We work in the metro-Atlanta area and know the pros and cons of lawn care in our climate and in our soil rich in red clay. We will give you an affordable quote and are able to take care of all your lawn needs. We will customize a plan just for you.
Contact Pride-In-Turf for your lawn care needs, and you can rest assured your lawn problems will go away. We want you to watch your lawn turn into the green and lush lawn you dream of. Pride-In-Turf wants your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pride-In-Turf guarantees the best services for your lawn and will see to it that you receive the outcomes you desire. The neighborhood will be envious of your lawn, we promise!

Bonded and Insured

To make sure your property is safeguarded, we have limited liability insurance. We always prioritize our consumers' demands. The Pride In Turf manner that is!
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