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Best Fertilization Service in Atlanta GA

Pride-In-Turf provides the best fertilization service in the metro Atlanta area. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about lawn care and are committed to helping you achieve a more beautiful lawn than you could imagine. We can customize a plan for your lawn based on a lawn analysis and ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs. There are many factors to consider in lawn fertilization, including timing and ensuring your lawn receives the nutrients it needs.

Pride-In-Turf has the expertise to ensure your lawn gets the right fertilizer at the right time. We guarantee the results you want – a beautiful, lush lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. Your lawn must receive the nutrients it needs during the growing season to thrive and grow into a lawn with thick, green grass.

To be assured of getting the results you desire, contact Pride-In-Turf for a free quote. Have us partner, with you to help you achieve a beautiful lawn. You will be glad you did!

Core Aeration

Georgia red clay and soil can make aeration a big job. We help keep your lawn from becoming too compacted. Giving your lawn the chance to receive nutrients.

Lawn Fertilization

Whether it is a liquid or a solid fertilizer, your lawn requires the proper nutrients to maintain health and the proper PH levels to your soil.


This is the process of seeding your existing lawn. We strengthen your lawn by adding additional growth in the seeding that matches your current lawn.

Fungicide Treatment

Our Pride In Turf treatments help reduce and often eliminate the existence of fungus in your lawn. Protecting against brown patch, large patch, and more.

Lawn Pest Control

There are many pests that can be detrimental to your lawn’s growth and overall health. Whether it’s ticks, grubs, or ants, we help keep those unwanted creatures out!

Weed Control

Our experienced Pride In Turf technicians will inspect your lawn and properly target our weed control services to address issues like crabgrass, or dandelions.

Lawn Fertilization for a Healthy Lawn

A fertilization program is important for you to maintain healthy, attractive turf.  The best place to usually start is with a soil test, which will help determine the needs of your lawn.  The grade of the fertilizer is important to make sure your lawn receives the needed nutrients.  The numbers on the fertilizer can be very confusing, but they represent the percentage of the specific nutrients in that fertilizer.  The first number represents the percentage of nitrogen (N), the second number represents the percentage of phosphorus (P), and the last number represents the percentage of potassium (K) in the fertilizer.  Your soil test will give you how much of each nutrient your lawn needs.

This can all be quite confusing, and sometimes you cannot find a fertilizer that matches the recommendations on your soil sample.  Our expert technicians will be glad to take care of that and assure you that your lawn gets what it needs.  Let us take the guesswork out of it and make sure your lawn is getting the right fertilizer, and at the right time, for the best results.

Let Pride-In-Turf make sure you achieve a healthy lawn, which means the green, lush lawn that you desire.

How It Works


Contact Pride-In-Turf

We will determine exactly what fertilizer your lawn needs for a healthy lawn

Our technicians Do the Work

We know exactly what your lawn needs, and make sure it is done properly

Watch your lawn Turn Green and Lush

You will watch your lawn transform into the green, lush lawn you want
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Professional Fertilization Services

To get the lawn that you long for, you want to make sure your lawn is properly treated with needed nutrients (i.e., fertilizer) and that it is done correctly for optimal results.  You don’t want to waste your time and money on the wrong fertilizer, putting fertilizer on your lawn at the wrong time, or maybe not having the best equipment to do it properly.  Fertilization is an important part of getting a healthy, green lawn along with other needed services at times, as well.  

Pride-In-Turf will work out a customized plan of action for your lawn so that you can be assured of great results.

Best Time to Fertilize your Lawn in Atlanta Georgia

It is very important to apply fertilizer to your lawn and other services to achieve the desired results.  Timing is a key factor for fertilization and should be done at the best time according to to the type of grass in your lawn and the climate.  Some recommendations for fertilization based on some of the main types of grass in Georgia are below:

Bermuda and St. Augustine

  • 1st application in spring when the grass is 50% green or soil temperatures at 65 degrees or above
  • Fertilize every 6 weeks after that – until mid-September (DO NOT fertilize after mid-September)


  • 1st application in spring when the grass is 75% green or soil temperatures at 65 degrees or above
  • Apply every 7 weeks until mid-September 
  • Mid-September (and not later) may apply a winterizing fertilizer


  • Fertilize fall, winter, and early spring
  • Fertilize 3 – 4 times between September and May (not recommended to apply in summer)

All you have to do is contact Pride in Turf for an affordable quote and a customized plan.  Let us take care of your fertilization and other lawn care needs.

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Lawn Fertilization Service Areas

We proudly serve the Atlanta metropolitan area with high-quality lawn fertilization services through our experienced crews and customer service team. We proudly serve the following cities:
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Is Fertilization Worth the Cost?

The answer – is YES!  Fertilization is an important part of lawn care; your lawn needs nutrients to stay healthy.  If you do not take proper care of your lawn, you will end up with a yard full of weeds, yellow spots, and bald spots – not the lawn you want!  Getting a lawn in shape takes work, but it also must be maintained to keep it in good condition.  

Pride-In-Turf will give you an affordable quote and work out a plan customized to meet your needs.  Call Pride-In-Turf today and get started on the lawn you desire – the yard that is the envy of the neighborhood!

Why Choose Pride-In-Turf?

Pride-In-Turf takes pride in YOUR turf! We are dedicated to providing the best quality lawn care to our customers, and truly want your lawn to become the lush, green lawn you want. We are professionals and have the expertise in lawn care to make sure you get the results you want. We are a full-service lawn care company, so we can provide many other services that your lawn needs. We will work out a customized plan to meet your needs in order to achieve the lawn of your dreams. We want to help you be the envy of the neighborhood.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pride In Turf promises to provide the best services for your lawn and will make sure you get the results you want. We do want your lawn to become the envy of the neighborhood!

Bonded and Insured

We have a limited liability insurance policy to make sure your property stays protected. We always put the needs of our customers first. It's the Pride-In-Turf way!
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