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Pride-In-Turf is a trusted lawn care company with decades of experience and professional technicians to service your lawn.  Why try to do this yourself when you have the best Atlanta lawn care available with Pride-In-Turf?  In the metro-Atlanta area of Georgia, overseeding is important to lawn care.  Overseeding helps fill in bare spots in your lawn, helps with pest control, weed control, and gives you a thicker, greener turf overall.

Pride-In-Turf knows the best time for overseeding and what other services may be needed along with overseeding for optimal results. Our technicians will do the best job, and we guarantee our services.  We are a multi-service company and can meet all your lawn care needs.  Pride-In-Turf is affordable and will be happy to give you a fair quote.  We will work with you to help you get the yard of your dreams – one that is thick, green, and lush.

Contact Pride-In-Turf today for a free quote.  It will be the easiest and best lawn care you can imagine.

Core Aeration

Georgia red clay and soil can make aeration a big job. We help keep your lawn from becoming too compacted. Giving your lawn the chance to receive nutrients.

Lawn Fertilization

Whether it is a liquid or a solid fertilizer, your lawn requires the proper nutrients to maintain health and the proper PH levels to your soil.


This is the process of seeding your existing lawn. We strengthen your lawn by adding additional growth in the seeding that matches your current lawn.

Fungicide Treatment

Our Pride In Turf treatments help reduce and often eliminate the existence of fungus in your lawn. Protecting against brown patch, large patch, and more.

Lawn Pest Control

There are many pests that can be detrimental to your lawn’s growth and overall health. Whether it’s ticks, grubs, or ants, we help keep those unwanted creatures out!

Weed Control

Our experienced Pride In Turf technicians will inspect your lawn and properly target our weed control services to address issues like crabgrass, or dandelions.

Overseeding to Strengthen Your Lawn

Overseeding is important for your lawn for many reasons.  By overseeding, you not only get a thicker, greener lawn without the bald spots, but overseeding helps your lawn better handle a lot of traffic, drought conditions, weeds, and pests.  It can save money on other services, such as pest and weed control, due to having a thicker lawn. The best time to overseed is right after you have your aeration and fertilization services done, especially with Georgia’s hard, red clay.  You can throw seed on your lawn; however, the results will not be the same.  After aerating, the seeds can get down into the soil better along with the fertilizer and water that helps nourish the lawn for the best results.

Our expert technicians at Pride-In-Turf will analyze your lawn and determine exactly what your lawn needs for that green, lush lawn you want.  We will work out a customized plan specific to the needs of your lawn.  We will complete the agreed-upon services at the right time, and make sure the job is done properly.  Let Pride-In-Turf take care of this job for you to assure you get the results you want.  We take pride in our work and want you to experience the joy of watching your lawn transform into the green, lush lawn you want. If you notice brown spots forming in your yark you may need fungicide treatments as well, before grass seeding has begun. We want your lawn to become the envy of the neighborhood!

How It Works


Prepare Lawn for Overseeding

Our technicians at Pride-In-Turf will first prepare your lawn for overseeding according to what it needs. This could include dethatching, aeration, and/or fertilization prior to overseeding.

We will Apply Seed

Our experienced lawn care technicians will apply the seed properly and evenly after the lawn is prepared for seeding. This assures the best results.

Watch Your Lawn Transform

Follow recommendations from Pride-In-Turf for watering after the services are provided. Then, watch your lawn become green and lush.

Does My Lawn Really Need Overseeding?

With the heat and drought conditions that occur often in the metro-Atlanta area, overseeding can make a big difference in your lawn that has been damaged from these conditions.  If your lawn is prone to disease or insects or has bald spots, overseeding can help alleviate these problems.  Overseeding will add new grass to what you already have and help your lawn become thicker and greener.

Let Pride-In-Turf take care of this for you.  You can be assured it will be done professionally for the best results – a beautiful lawn.

Best Time to Overseed in Atlanta, Georgia

The best time to overseed in the metro-Atlanta area depends on the type of grass you have.  You will want to want to have overseeding done during the growing season, depending on the type of grass in your lawn.  There are some types of grass where overseeding is not recommended but may need sodding to fill in areas where needed.

Types of grass where overseeding is recommended include:

Bermuda Grass: Overseed mid-spring when weather conditions are suitable.  Bermuda is an aggressive grass and usually does not require overseeding every year.
Tall Fescue Grass: Overseeding is best done in early fall (September).  If not done in the fall, it is possible to be overseeded in February or March.
Rye: Ryegrass can be sometimes used to overseed for the winter months.  This is used with warm weather grasses to keep a green lawn all year.


Contact Pride-In-Turf for all your Atlanta lawn care needs.  We can take care of overseeding at the right time along with any other services needed.  We guarantee our services and will get you the lawn you want while you enjoy watching your lawn become more and more beautiful.

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Grass Seeding Service Areas

We proudly serve the Atlanta metropolitan area with high-quality grass seeding services with our experienced technicians and top-notch customer service. We proudly serve the following cities:

What if My Whole Lawn Does Not Need Overseeding?

It is not always necessary to overseed your entire lawn.  You may be experiencing some thin spots or bald spots in your yard, especially in heavy-traffic areas.  If the rest of your lawn is thick and healthy, it may not need overseeding.  It is certainly fine to only overseed the areas in need.

Pride-In-Turf will give you an accurate assessment of your lawn needs.  We are here to help you get a beautiful lawn, but we will not recommend services where they are not needed.  Contact us to analyze your property and help you get the results you want.

Why Choose Pride-In-Turf?

Pride-In-Turf will give you an affordable quote and care for your lawn needs. Overseeding, especially with aeration and fertilization, will help your lawn become healthy and green. We take pride in your lawn and will guarantee our results. We can help you determine the needs of your lawn, including whether overseeding is recommended or not. You can trust the professionals at Pride-In-Turf to give you the best information and recommendations for your lawn. Let us take care of all your lawn needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pride-In-Turf guarantees the best services for your lawn and will see that you receive the desired outcomes. The neighborhood will be envious of your grass, we promise!

Bonded and Insured

To make sure your property is safeguarded, we have limited liability insurance. We always prioritize our consumers' demands. The Pride-In-Turf manner, that is!
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