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We know that the last thing you want is a yard full of pests such as fleas, ticks, ants, and grubs.  These pests are not only harmful to your lawn but also very annoying.  Pride-In-Turf Lawn Care Atlanta can eliminate those annoying pests and keep them away so you can get outside and enjoy your lawn.  When a lawn goes untreated, it allows these pests to lay eggs and will enable them to take over your yard.  We want you to be able to enjoy your lawn – not be miserable whenever you are outside due to insects,  grubs, and other pests.

Pride-In-Turf uses environmentally friendly pesticides to treat lawns with pest problems.  We can work out a plan for you that will keep these pests from taking safe haven in your lawn.  Take your lawn back by letting Pride-In-Turf take care of this problem.  We will give you an affordable quote and work out a plan specific to your lawn needs and budget.  We guarantee our work and take pride in YOUR lawn.  

Call Pride-In-Turf today.  We want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood – and free of pests so you can enjoy it!

Core Aeration

Georgia red clay and soil can make aeration a big job. We help keep your lawn from becoming too compacted. Giving your lawn the chance to receive nutrients.

Lawn Fertilization

Whether it is a liquid or a solid fertilizer, your lawn requires the proper nutrients to maintain health and the proper PH levels to your soil.


This is the process of seeding your existing lawn. We strengthen your lawn by adding additional growth in the seeding that matches your current lawn.

Fungicide Treatment

Our Pride In Turf treatments help reduce and often eliminate the existence of fungus in your lawn. Protecting against brown patch, large patch, and more.

Lawn Pest Control

There are many pests that can be detrimental to your lawn’s growth and overall health. Whether it’s ticks, grubs, or ants, we help keep those unwanted creatures out!

Weed Control

Our experienced Pride In Turf technicians will inspect your lawn and properly target our weed control services to address issues like crabgrass, or dandelions.

Lawn Pest Control Services for a Healthy Lawn

Many types of pests can invade your lawn, causing damage to your lawn, and sometimes end up inside your home as well.  Since the metro-Atlanta area has a warm climate, it is a great place for these pests to invade your lawn.  You may start to see brown spots in your lawn that are irregular or yellow spots on your grass and think you have a lawn disease.  Often, this may be caused by these pests, and your lawn needs a professional to treat your lawn to take care of this problem.  Pride-In-Turf has the expertise to take care of this, so you to enjoy your yard without annoying and hurtful pests.

Some of the pests that are common in lawns in the metro-Atlanta area and some of the problems they can cause are listed below:

  • Beatles/Grub Worms:  Beatles lay eggs in the grass in early summer and become grub worms when they hatch.  These grubworms will eat the roots of your grass, causing brown spots.
  • Army Worms:  Armyworms lay eggs and will spread across the lawn, feeding off of it and creating brown patch.  This can spread quickly in summer and early fall.
  • Fire Ants:  These pests travel in swarms and will dig up mounds of loose soil in your lawn.  The bites from these ants are not fun to deal with, as they itch for days.
  • Fleas:  Fleas like shady, moist areas, so you may not have a big problem with fleas if your lawn is sunny.  Fleas feed on any warm-blooded body, including dogs, cats, and humans.
  • Ticks: Ticks make homes in tall grass, brush, piles of yard debris, or unmaintained areas.  They will attach themselves to and feed on warm-blooded bodies, like dogs, cats, and humans.

Contact Pride-In-Turf today if you think you are having pest problems in your lawn.  We can analyze your situation and treat your lawn accordingly.  It is important to take care of these problems professionally so it is done right.  We use environmentally safe products and will not harm your lawn.  We will give you peace of mind knowing we will take care of the problem and guarantee our work.  We want you to have the green, lush lawn you want – without the pests to take the enjoyment out of it!

How It Works


We Determine What Lawn Needs

We analyze your lawn to determine the exact problem. You may have a pest problem, a fungus problem, or both, but Pride-In-Turf will properly analyze the situation and know how to treat it.

We Treat the Lawn

We will treat your lawn properly to take care of your lawn needs and use environmentally safe products.

You Enjoy Your Lawn

You can be assured that Pride-In-Turf has taken care of the problem, so you can enjoy your lawn without the worry of annoying pests.
lawn care process

When to Apply Pest Control in Georgia?

Whenever you notice problems in your lawn, you need to call Pride-In-Turf to determine the problem.  If you have a pest problem, the treatment must take place immediately to get those pests out of your lawn before they do more damage.  As general maintenance, it is best practice to have pest control treatments applied in the early spring.  At this time, the pest numbers are low, and nests and colonies can be destroyed before the numbers have a chance to multiply.  This can alleviate many problems by taking care of any potential problems early in the season.  With the hot and humid climate in the metro-Atlanta area, pests have the opportunity to thrive.  This is especially true if your lawn is not maintained properly or if you have drainage problems or other issues that can create homes for pests.

Pride-In-Turf will give you an affordable quote to take care of your lawn needs.  We know how to take care of any lawn problems you have and make sure it is done right.  Don’t let those pests take over your lawn.  We guarantee our work at Pride-In-Turf and want you to have a thick, green lawn.  Call us today!

How to Prevent Pests in your Lawn

The most important thing you can do is provide good lawn care for your lawn.  Some of the main things to be sure to care of include:

  • Mow Properly.  Mow once per week at the proper height for your grass type.  Do not over mow.
  • Irrigate Properly:  Both over-watering and under-watering can create an environment conducive to pests in your lawn.  Water weekly with an amount for a good saturation and no more, unless it’s unusually hot and dry.
  • Fertilize appropriately:  Providing needed nutrients is beneficial to your lawn and can help alleviate other problems, like pests.

Good lawn maintenance is important for so many reasons, including pest control.  However, you can still have some problems and need professional help.  Contact Pride-In-Turf for professional services at an affordable price.  We want you to have a beautiful, green lawn, but also want you to be able to enjoy it – pest free!

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Proudly serving the Atlanta metropolitan area with lawn pest control services through our experienced crews and customer service team. We service the following areas:

Why Pride-In-Turf Lawn Pest Control in Atlanta GA?

Pride-In-Turf has the expertise and knowledge to get you the lawn you want. We can take care of the annoying pest issues in your lawn and guarantee you the results you want. We can take care of all your lawn services at an affordable cost. All you have to do is watch the transformation in your lawn and know that Pride-In-Turf has it under control. All of us at Pride-In-Turf are professionals and we are the best lawn care company in the metro-Atlanta area. We have pride in YOUR turf and want you to have the thick, lush lawn you always wanted. We will work with you to make it happen!
Contact Pride-In-Turf for a reasonable quote and let us take care of your lawn. We will work with you on a plan that is agreed upon, and we will get right to work so that you can become the envy of your neighborhood. You will be glad you made

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pride-In-Turf guarantees the best services for your lawn and will see to it that you receive the outcomes you desire. The neighborhood will be envious of your lawn, we promise!

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To make sure your property is safeguarded, we have limited liability insurance. We always prioritize our consumers' demands. The Pride In Turf manner that is!
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