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Lawn Care Peachtree Corners GA

Pride In Turf is your go-to local company for all your lawn care needs in Peachtree Corners, GA, and the metro Atlanta area. You can be assured of quality lawn service that guarantees a beautiful, lush lawn with Pride In Turf.

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Commercial and Residential Properties

Commercial and Residential Properties

Pride In Turf provides lawn care services and landscaping services in Peachtree Corners as well as other areas nearby. Whether you have a home or business property that you want to look great year-round, our professional staff has you covered.

Our services are done with precision and care, as we want your Georgia lawn to have green, lush grass and your entire landscape to be beautiful. The complete satisfaction of our customers is our number one goal, and we are known for taking care of business to make sure that happens.

Lawn Care in Peachtree Corners

To maintain a healthy lawn, Pride In Turf knows what needs to be done. We understand the needs of Georgia lawns and have expertise in all lawn services. Our company has decades of experience in the GA area, and our team is knowledgeable of the Georgia terrain and local climate.

Some of our lawn care services are discussed below. You can be sure that Pride In Turf can handle any lawn care needs you have and will exceed your expectations.

Lawn Fertilization

Pride In Turf will provide the best lawn fertilization services for your lawn. We will make sure your lawn gets the right fertilizer at the right time so your lawn gets the best results. We want your yard to get the best nutrients so you have grass that is green and thick.

Weed Control

Weed control is very important for your Peachtree Corners yard, as you do not want unsightly weeds taking over your lawn. Our staff knows what and when to apply for pre-emergent weeds for best results. Leave the weed control to the experts at Pride In Turf. Our company knows the weeds in the area and can take care of them.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

The soil in Peachtree Corners, GA can become compacted due to heavy traffic, poor soil with hard red clay, or thatch. Our expert team with Pride In Turf will analyze your yard to determine if aeration is needed. This lawn care service helps increase the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and water to your lawn that it needs to flourish.

Overseeding helps your grass thicken up, takes care of bare spots or thinning areas in your yard, and helps weed control. This is often done along with aeration for best results. Pride In Turf will make sure you have the most gorgeous lawn in the neighborhood.

Fungicide Treatments

Pride In Turf can provide the best lawn treatments available to take care of any lawn fungus you may have in your yard. Do not let lawn fungal disease take over your yard, leaving ugly brown or yellowish spots. It is best to have our team take care of this for you, as homeowners do not have access to the best treatments that we have available.

Tree Services

Our team does a great job of keeping your entire yard in pristine condition. This includes tree trimming, stump removal, and pruning. Pruning is necessary when you have diseased or dying branches or limbs that need to be removed.

Pride In Turf also does bush trimming to keep your shrubs and bushes in great shape. Tree and bush trimming keep your yard looking neat and beautiful.

Other Lawn Care Services

Pride In Turf provides an array of other lawn care services for whatever your needs are for your specific lawn. If your lawn is on an incline or has areas where it is difficult to get grass to grow properly, sod installation is a great option.

Are you tired of raking leaves in the Fall? Pride In Turf will provide leaf removal so that your ground cover is not leaves! This leaves your lawn looking great all year.

Pride In Turf can also provide services, such as gutter cleaning,, power washing, and anything to keep your home or business looking fabulous.

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Our Lawn Care Services

Landscaping Services in Peachtree Corners

Pride In Turf does a great job with any landscaping projects you need for your home or business. We are equipped to handle any type of service you desire to create a beautiful landscape. We are the best of landscaping companies and know how to work with your natural landscape to enhance the aesthetic value as well as function of your landscape.

Our professional landscaping services are multiple, but it all starts with a landscape design. Our professional landscape architect will create a landscape design based on your vision and go from there.

This service can include anything from the installation of a retaining wall or seating wall, to dry creek beds, patios, gazebos, decks, driveways, steps, outdoor fireplaces, and many more features for your outdoor space. You imagine it, and we can create it!

Landscaping Services in Peachtree Corners

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We are proud of the excellent lawn care and landscaping services we provide in Peachtree Corners as well as Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, and other surrounding areas.

We hire knowledgeable and professional staff and guarantee excellent customer service. Our number one goal is happy customers!

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