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Are you located in Milton or nearby metro Atlanta Georgia area and need help with the time-consuming process of lawn care and landscaping? You need to look no further for the best lawn care company in the area.

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Why Choose Pride In Turf

Pride In Turf offers comprehensive services for your Milton lawn care. We hire staff who are trained and knowledgeable of updated horticultural guidelines, staying abreast of the latest trends.

We are a locally owned company with decades of experience in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our staff understands the terrain of the Georgia landscape and the specific needs and lawn care concerns of the area.

We have the expertise to take care of all your lawn care needs. Our number one goal is for each of our customers to have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Each yard and every service we provide is done with that in mind.

Pride In Turf provides top-notch customer service and works with both residential and business owners to maintain your outdoor space at a reasonable price.

Lawn Care Services

Pride In Turf is equipped to handle any lawn care services you need. Some of the Milton lawn care services we can provide for you are discussed below.

Weed Control

Weeds have a way of invading a yard and taking over if not treated properly. Our weed control services are the best for your Milton lawn.

Our experienced technicians can inspect your yard and determine the proper weed control services for your lawn. You will never have to spend hours weeding your lawn.


Fertilization is a very important lawn service to keep your grass growing thick and lush. Your lawn requires the proper nutrients in order to obtain and maintain that green, thick grass you want.

We can determine the right fertilizer for your lawn and know the best time for application. We want the best results possible for your yard.

Core Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration is important for your lawn care when it is needed. With the soil full of red clay along with the very hot summers, the soil becomes compacted. Aeration helps allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the roots to enable your lawn to become healthy and green.

Overseeding can be done along with aeration, as it helps the seed get into the soil with water and nutrients for the best results.

Fungicide Treatments

Pride In Turf's fungicide treatments can eliminate lawn fungus or prevent it from happening. You do not want these ugly brown spots in your yard.

Our experienced team can determine your lawn service needs and the proper treatment. We use the best products available and those that are environmentally friendly.

Many homeowners will attempt to take care of this on their own and end up wasting time and money. Pride In Turf will do a great job and stay within your budget.

Other Lawn Care Services

At Pride In Turf, we are dedicated to the best service for all our lawns. There are many lawn care service options available for your Milton, GA lawn besides the most common ones above.

Some other services are below, and we will cater to your specific lawn care needs.

Mulch and Pine Straw Installation

Mulch or pine straw is important for the aesthetic appeal of your Milton lawn. They also help your plants and shrubs by holding moisture in the ground as well as helping keep these areas weed-free.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed is important to keep your trees and plants looking beautiful in your Milton lawn. Trimming helps maintain the health of your trees and shrubs so they grow properly.

Pruning is sometimes required to get rid of dead or diseased limbs or branches. Pride In Turf will keep each tree and shrub in great shape.

Pest Control

There are many pests detrimental to your Milton, GA lawn, and our team has the right pest control treatments to get rid of them. Don't let pests ruin your yard and grass growth, so you can enjoy being outside.


Our team does a great job of planning your landscape and will do the planting for you as well for your beautiful Milton lawn.

Sod Installation

Sod can help you get that green, thick grass very quickly. If you have areas in your lawn that are steep or in an area where it is difficult to get grass to grow well, sod can be a great lawn service option.

Our Lawn Care Services

Landscaping Services

Along with lawn care service options, Pride In Turf has expertise in landscaping projects for your outdoor enjoyment. Whether for your business or residential property, we have many landscape options for your Milton property.

Landscape Design

Our expert team can create a landscape design for you, based on your vision for your landscaping needs and desires.

The design is the starting point for any landscape services in the Milton area. We can build retaining walls or seating walls, water features, dry creek beds, and many landscaping services for your outdoor space.

Give us a call at Pride In Turf to discuss any service for your Milton, GA property. We can take care of any service you have in mind.

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You can receive a free estimate for any lawn service you need for your Milton, GA property. Our company wants to keep all of our lawns green and beautiful.

Free estimates are available for all of our services. We will work with you to stay within your budget so you can get the services needed and pay what you can afford.

We want every Milton, GA lawn we serve to be the best. Pride In Turf will guarantee that!

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