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Pride In Turf is the premier lawn care company in Kennesaw, GA, serving Kennesaw and the nearby areas of the metro Atlanta area. Look no further if you are looking for a professional and reliable lawn care company that guarantees quality work.

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Reasons to Choose Pride In Turf

Pride In Turf guarantees an awesome job with every service or landscaping project we provide for all lawns we serve. We are a locally owned business and understand the needs of Georgia lawns from warm season grasses and control of weeds, to every landscaping service you could need.

Our locally owned company has many years with the Georgia landscape and understands the needs of the lawns in the area. We provide lawn care tips and will work with you for the best service possible.

Lawn Care Services in Kennesaw, GA

Pride In Turf wants to provide professional services to meet and exceed all of your needs for lawn care in Kennesaw. Our company provides an array of lawn care services to ensure you have a beautiful, green, and lush lawn for your residential or commercial property.

The following will discuss some of the most prevalent lawn care services. If you have other needs for your lawn, just give us a call.

Our professionals can work with you to provide any service needs you have for your lawn.

Seeding and Overseeding Kennesaw GA

Pride In Turf uses quality grass seed for all your seeding or overseeding needs. We are pros at getting a new lawn started or overseeding an existing lawn.

No matter your yard size, we have the expertise and strategic seeding and overseeding practices to ensure your yard has an even and thorough application for a lawn that stands out for its thickness, color, and beauty.

Our professionals are knowledgeable about the types of grass seed and understand warm season grasses and other grass types to make sure we match your existing grass for the best results.

Lawn Fertilization Kennesaw GA

Our professional crew with Pride In Turf uses the best fertilizers to meet the needs of your lawn so you have a lawn healthy and green. Grass requires fertilization services to be nourished and fed for excellent growth.

Our professional staff has the expertise to tailor fertilization services to the local soil conditions and the precise application methods to ensure we keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Pride In Turf individualizes our lawn care services to meet the lawn maintenance needs of your lawn. We are not satisfied until all the lawns we serve and all clients are happy.

Core Aeration Kennesaw GA

Pride In Turf understands that core aeration is a key component of the lawn care regimen for your Kennesaw, GA lawn. Due to the red clay in the soil along with climate conditions in the area, the soil can become very compact.

Aeration involves perforating the soil which allows better penetration of air, water, and nutrients needed for a well-established root system. This lawn care service is essential for a healthy and vibrant lawn and landscape.

Weed Control Kennesaw GA

Any good lawn care maintenance plan must include weed control, as this is mandatory for achieving a pristine lawn.

Our professionals with Pride In Turf understand the local climate and soil conditions of Kennesaw and the surrounding GA area. We understand how weeds can stunt the growth of your grass and other plants, blocking root growth.

Pride In Turf can analyze the types of weeds you have to ensure you have the proper weed control for the best service for your lawn.

Fungicide Treatments Kennesaw GA

If you start to see brown or yellowish spots in your yard, you may have a fungal disease that can cause much damage to your lawn. Do not hesitate to contact Pride In Turf to let our professional staff analyze the problem for the best solution.

Many fungal diseases are prevalent in Georgia lawns which require fungicide treatments. Our whole crew has expertise in analyzing your specific problem, and we have the best fungicide treatments for an effective service for your yard.

Your best bet is to have Pride In Turf provide this lawn service to ensure your yard grows thick, lush, and green. We will keep your lawn maintained and healthy.

Other Lawn Care and Landscaping Services in Kennesaw GA

Our desire for all of our lawn maintenance and lawn care in Kennesaw is consistently top-notch and we leave all of our customers happy. Pride In Turf wants your entire landscape to be beautiful so your property stands out from your neighbors' yard.

We provide many lawn care and lawn maintenance services that exceed what most lawn care companies provide. We will discuss a few; however, you can contact Pride In Turf to discuss any lawn care needs you have.

Tree Trimming and Shrub Care

Tree trimming is an important lawn care service to keep your lawn neat and your trees growing properly. Keeping your trees trimmed helps them keep their shape and encourages new growth and good shape.

Keeping your shrubs and bushes neat and trimmed is also important for good lawn maintenance. Pride In Turf will keep your bushes neat and trimmed, adding beauty to your lawn and landscape.

Leaf and Debris Removal

Our guys with Pride In Turf will keep your lawn looking great by keeping leaves and debris removed from your yard. No matter your yard size, we want your lawn maintenance to exceed your expectations so your yard has curb appeal all year.

Artificial Turf

If you have a challenging landscape with areas difficult to get grass to germinate, artificial turn can be an option for your lawn care in Kennesaw. Whether you just want an area of your front yard, backyard, or a specific area, Pride In Turf has it covered.

When your warm season grasses are not working, this great service keeps your lawn care needs to a minimum. It requires no weed control and you do not need to mow. Pride In Turf will do an excellent job for all lawn care and landscaping services.

Landscaping Services

At Pride In Landscapes, we understand the importance of every service Kennesaw clients need to keep their property in top-notch shape. Besides the many lawn care services we offer, we also want to enhance your landscaping needs for lawns in Kennesaw.

Our company provides many professional lawn care services in Kennesaw but also a variety of landscaping needs. We want your entire landscape and all of the lawns we serve to be aesthetically pleasing with excellent curb appeal as well as functional space.

Landscape Design

Pride In Turf will create a landscape design for your outdoor space to make sure it meets your vision for your landscape

Bed Renovation and Softscapes

We can add much beauty and color to your landscape with bed renovation services. We can enhance your entire landscape, regardless of your yard size to have color all year.

Patios Walkways and Steps

Beautiful stones and walkways are a key element to a beautiful landscape. One example is adding a stone walkway to the front door of your house for an inviting entrance.

Fireplaces and Firepits

This is a wonderful way to enjoy your beautiful outdoors. Fireplaces will keep you warm even on a cool evening with your friends and family.

And More

Many other types of landscaping services can be created for you as well. Some examples include retaining walls or seating walls, drainage, grading services, outdoor lighting, a beautiful fence, and more to meet all your landscaping desires.

Our Lawn Care Services

Professional and Reliable

Our staff are reliable, and you can be sure they will do a great job. They are well-trained and receive ongoing training to stay on top of all the latest trends and horticultural guidelines. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Affordable Lawn and Landscape Care

Pride In Turf will work with you to be sure you receive the lawn or landscaping services you desire and work with you for an affordable price within your budget.

Affordable Lawn and Landscape Care

Commitment to Customers

Our commitment is to each customer we serve by doing the best job possible so you will have the yard of your dreams. Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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