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Lawn Care Services in Alpharetta

Lawn Care Alpharetta

Pride In Turf is a locally owned business with decades of lawn care experience in the Atlanta area. Our professional staff will make sure you have a healthy lawn and we have expertise in all needed lawn services for your Alpharetta GA yard.

We know the lawn care needs of the Alpharetta area and understand the terrain and climate in the area. Some of our services are discussed below; however, we will do an amazing job with any lawn or landscaping needs you have.

lawn care alpharetta

Lawn Fertilization

If you want your grass to grow thick and green for a beautiful lawn, fertilization is necessary. Pride In Turf can determine the correct nutrients for your specific lawn and evenly apply the right amount of fertilizer at the proper time for the best results.

Weed Control

Pride In Turf does not want your lawn to be full of unsightly weeds, which stunt the growth of your grass. We can analyze your lawn to determine the types of weeds, and we have the expertise to take care of them.

Aeration and Overseeding

Core aeration is an important lawn service for your Alpharetta, Georgia lawn. Whether you have sandy soil or compacted soil with hard red clay, our staff can determine if aeration is needed. Pride In Turf has the proper equipment to provide this service with precision.

Overseeding is often done at the same time as aeration, as this is when the seed can get down into the soil for optimum growth. We want your Alpharetta lawn to be healthy and green to enhance your home's curb appeal.

Fungicide Treatments

If you are seeing thinning areas in your lawn or brown or yellowish areas that keep your yard from having the appearance you want, you may have a fungal disease in your lawn. There are many common lawn diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch, and others that keep your grass from growing as it should.

Pride In Turf has the proper fungicide treatments and expertise to treat these issues so that you will have the beautiful yard you want.


Our Lawn Care Services

Landscaping Services

Pride In Turf offers many landscaping services to meet all your landscaping needs for your outdoor space. All landscaping work and each service we provide for your Alpharetta, GA yard is done with precision.

Some of the outdoor projects we can provide include the following.

  • Landscape Design
  • Retaining or Seating Walls
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Drainage and Grading
  • Gazebos and Decks
  • Patios, Steps, Walkways
landscaping services Alpharetta

Other Lawn Services

Pride In Turf provides many other lawn services to keep your Alpharetta lawn healthy and looking great. Some of them include the following.

Mulch and Pine Straw Installation

This is important for a pristine look while protecting your plants and shrubs by holding moisture and temperature for the soil

Lawn Pest Control

Pride In Turf will get rid of any problems in your Georgia lawn that have to do with pests, such as ticks, ants, grubs, fleas, ticks, or other pests.

Sod Installation

Lawn care in Alpharetta often deals with areas with hills or steep inclines where it is challenging to get grass to grow well. Our professional staff is a great quick fix for this.

In no time, you will not believe how your yard looked before and the difference in such a short time.

Tree and Shrub Care

Pride In Turf can provide every type of lawn service needed, including taking care of trees, shrubs, and plants. Proper trimming and pruning keep your plants and trees healthy and looking beautiful.

Choose Pride In Turf

We want your Alpharetta lawn and all lawns in the metro Atlanta Georgia area to be beautiful, green, and lush. Each lawn care service Pride In Turf provides is done with precision.

With us, your lawn care in Alpharetta will be the best - guaranteed! Call us today to discuss any lawn service needs you have. We give free estimates!

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