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Pride in Turf Lawn Care Service in Atlanta, Georgia takes great Pride in what we do. We would like to share useful tips and tricks to establishing and maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn.
Overseeding Bermudagrass with Fescue

If you are looking to create a great tall fescue lawn this is how I would do it. First off choose...

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Best Time to Aerate Lawn in Georgia

Aerating lawns is common for homeowners who want their yard's turf to look healthier and lusher.

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Spittlebug Lawn Damage

How often have you seen spittlebugs crawling around on your lawn? They look pretty harmless, but...

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Atlanta Water Restrictions

The following outdoor water uses also are allowed daily at any time of the day by anyone:

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Zoysia Grass Cutting

It's essential to maintain the health of one's lawn and needs to know how to cut Zoysia in Georgia.

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Why does my grass grow in clumps?

Sometimes you see patches of your lawn appear thicker than others, rather than a uniform layer. Why?

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The Difference Between Crabgrass and Coarse Fescue

Grasses can appear benign and somewhat unassuming, beautiful flowers that adorn the landscape...

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