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Homeowners have a hard time finding the time for maintaining their Decatur lawn. Pride In Turf takes the pressure off by providing a reliable lawn service for customers all over north Georgia.

We have a one-time lawn care service and full-time scheduled lawn maintenance to offer our customers so they have the flexibility when choosing the lawn care service plans, they need. Give us a call today to get your gorgeous lawn back!

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Few people understand the importance of fertilizer for a healthy lawn, but it is actually very simple. If your yard does not receive the right nutrients, how can it possibly have what it needs to flourish?

Attractive lawns have been fed the proper ingredients and it's all about NPK. NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - three ingredients that are needed to keep your growing grass or plants in tip-top shape. They're important nutrients because they provide a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients to your soil which encourages the growth and continued development of your garden with strong roots and leaves so plants can thrive!

Every fertilizer is made up of different amounts of ingredients to make it more suitable for individual types of plants. Any good Decatur lawn care company will have fertilizers that have a lot of nitrogen to grow healthy, green, and beautiful lawns. Our lawn service company will get you on the right lawn program to best suit your type of lawn issue guaranteeing results. Call Pride In Turf Lawn Care Decatur GA for exceptional lawn care at an affordable lawn care price.


It might seem obvious, but weeds are not plants that you want to have in your yard for numerous reasons. Weeds can cause harm to plant life because they fight over vital water and food sources and block root growth. This can lead to the death of innocent plants such as grass and flowers. An excellent weed control service makes all the difference in your properties appearance.

Our professional weed killer services can knock out any stubborn weeds standing in your way of a beautiful lawn. Our lawn care experts are well equipped to get rid of a variety of weeds from any backyard.


There are a lot of people in cities around the Atlanta area. Over time, property for signs, foot traffic, and many other elements can cause the surface area of your residential and commercial properties to become hard, making it difficult for grass and other plant life to grow in that space.

Core aeration is the practice of using lawn equipment and other tools to create openings in your lawn so that the healthy particles are able to absorb their proper amount of water and nutrients just like in a garden. Pride In Turf Lawn Care Decatur Ga has been offering aeration services to our clients for years, so we've got the proper experience and lawn equipment like core aerators, spikes, and mini-mulch to tackle any project for large or small yards, side yards, or any other type of outdoor space. For our weekly clients, our crews take care of this at no extra cost!

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A proper grass seeding service can turn your home lawn into the nicest lawn in your neighborhood. How do overseeding services make your backyard oasis complete going from a bland backyard to a stunning landscape to host your backyard barbecues with pride?

Overseeding can be a great option for those who want to revitalize their yards without taking drastic measures. Rather than completely ripping up your lawn, a reliable lawn care service can simply spread grass seed over the existing patch of green! This will ensure that your outdoor living space provides a lush and healthy backdrop to your home and everything else it surrounds. ​


Lawn fungus usually stems from improper lawn care, lack of regular lawn maintenance, and heavy clay soil common in Georgia. We provide affordable lawn care and maintenance for fungal lawn diseases using safe products that are good for nourishing your lawn back to health.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with clients that can attest to our reliability and the quality of our service. We offer affordable lawn care with transparent pricing, so if you have any questions about any of our lawn care programs or complete lawn maintenance packages reach out to us and one of our lawn care customer service reps will be glad to help. We offer affordable pricing across our entire service area including Cobb County, Douglas County, Dekalb County, Fulton County, and of course Decatur County.

Call us for a free phone consultation, so we can develop a plan just right for you!

Lawn Care in Decatur GA


Nobody wants a lawn with mosquito infestations or with disease-carrying ticks. That is why hiring professional lawn care and landscaping company in Decatur is important when eliminating pests as it keeps your animals and family safe. Untreated soil attracts these pests, and they can come from above and below the ground surface.

We provide pest treatment and mosquito control services for your Decatur, GA property as a one-time service or on a maintenance calendar using tested chemicals and safe methods that are effective and cost-efficient for our clients. We will get you through this mosquito season, so you don't have to worry about these bad mosquitos and unwanted pests anymore!


At Pride In Turf, we believe in providing the best service for our satisfied customers through hard work and thoroughly tested lawn care solutions anywhere inside and out of the Decatur city limits. From weed control to an all-inclusive lawn treatment plan we have you covered.

Our client relationships develop when they see a regular crew that takes as much pride in your lawn as we do. We have decades of experience in in bringing our very best lawn care Decatur GA.



With a population of well over 25,000 people, Decatur is the county seat of Dekalb County. Located just 5 miles from northeast Atlanta, Decatur was established as a town because it was located at the intersection of two Native American Indian tribes. It’s grown from there to be an important part of Atlanta.

With a rich history, Decatur has seen a lot of development and growth in recent times. Home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, there are some fascinating things to do and see around Decatur. Plus, you can have serious culinary joy at restaurants like Leon’s Full Service, Revival, and the Kimball House.

Decatur is a wonderful place to live, and we’re proud to have happy customers there.


We proudly offer lawn care Atlanta and to its metro surroundings;

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