Is It Ok to Aerate in The Spring

November 15, 2022
Pride In Turf

Everyone enjoys a beautiful lawn.  Aerating your lawn at the appropriate times along with overseeding and fertilizing can help you achieve the beautiful lawn you want.  Aerating your lawn can be done in the Spring; however, it depends on several factors to choose the best time for the best results.  Whether or not to aerate your lawn in the Spring depends on the climate in your area, soil conditions, and the type of grass you are using in your lawn.  Aerating at the best time is important.

When to Aerate in the Spring

For many areas, Fall or early Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn.  There are times when it is best to aerate in the Spring as well. If your lawn has become compacted and the grass is not growing well, early Spring may be a good time to aerate.  It is best to aerate between March and May, making sure you have waited until the last frost of the season.  You need to aerate before the Spring weeds start to germinate if at all possible for the best control of weeds.  You do not want to aerate during the heat of summer.  

To aerate in the Spring, you need to be able to know or estimate the soil temperature.  Here are the main points to consider:

  • Ground temperature should be at least 50 degrees
  • Air temperature should have been at least 59 degrees for two weeks.  This will give more assurance that the soil temperatures are at 50 degrees

Keep in mind that overseeding goes hand in hand with aerating, so the type of grass you are using is also a consideration.

What Temperature is Good for Overseeding

Again, this depends on the type of grass you are using as well as the climate.  In warmer climates, such as Georgia, you can aerate and overseed as late as June, depending on the type of grass you are using.